Lunch menu

Ravintola Life Science Center

Week 38 16-20.9.2019, lunch time is from 10.30 am to 13.30pm                  
LUNCH BUFFET                                10,30€

Lunch includes: side salad buffet, bread selection, main course from the buffet, drink, dessert, coffee / tea –

SOUP OF THE DAY 5,80€                                             

Soup includes: bread selection, soup of the day, water  More: side salad +1€ dessert and coffee +1€

Monday              Vegetarian: Tunisian style vegetarian omelet L,G 

Fish:  Salmon and fennel risotto L,G Parmesan cheese L,G

Chicken: Turkey with apple sauce L,G Creamy potatoes L,G

Warm side vegetables: Fried broccoli, mushroom and tomatoes M,G,VE

Soup of the day: Apple and celery soup L,G

Deli Marchè proteins: Feta cheese L,G & Roasted bacon M,G

Deli Marchè Soup: Turkye soup with smoked tasted M,G

Grill:  Grilled pike perch and white wine 14,00€, Ceasar salad with grilled chicken 10,50€

Dessert: Sacher-mousse VL,G


Tuesday              Vegetarian: Ragu with soya and lentil M,G,VE Rice with grains M,VE

Fish: Thailand fish curry M,G

Meat: Minced meat balls with mushroom sauce L Mashed potatoes L,G

Warm side vegetables: Sweet potatoes and fresh spinach M,G,VE

Soup of the day: Creamy mushroom soup L,G 

Deli Marchè proteins: Cheddar cheese L,G & Tandoori tasted chicken M,G

Deli Marchè Soup: Fennel and shrimps soup L,G

Grill: Grilled pike perch and white wine 14,00€, Fennel risotto and grilled chicken 13,00€

Dessert: Home made cranberry muffins



Wednesday        Vegetarian: Chickpea and vegetarian patties M,G,VE Vegan chili tasted mayonnaise M,G,VE
Spiced potatoes M,G,VE

Chicken: Chicken korma M,G Basmati rice M,G,VE

Meat: Minced meat lasagne L

Warm side vegetables: Carrots and cauliflower M,G,VE

Soup of the day: Spinach soup L,G Eggs M,G

Deli Marchè proteins: Home cheese L,G & Smoked reindeer & red onion M,G

Deli Marchè Soup: Indian style chicken soup M,G

Grill: Fried white fish poke bowl 13,00€, Caesar salad with minute steak 13,00€

Dessert: Wafel  Nutella G Maple syrup M,G,VE Mashed berries M,G,VE


Thursday             Vegetarian: Mushroom and bellpepper pasta L (ask gluten free pasta from the Grill)

Chicken: Chicken drumsticks M,G Blue cheese dip L,G Chili tasted mayonnaise M,G Potato wedges M,G,VE

Meat: Beef burgungy M,G Rice M,G,VE

Warm side vegetables: Rosmary tasted beetroots M,G,VE

Soup of the day: Zucchini soup with Koskenlaskija –cheese L,G

Deli Marché proteins:  Härkis with herbs M,G,VE & Oven cooked salmon M,G

Deli Marché Soup: Minestrone soup M

Grill: Pork noiset, roasted bacon & Bearnaise sauce 14,00€, Mozzarella salad with plump 10,50€

Dessert:  Blackcurrant curd L,G


Friday                  Vegetarian: Pesto tasted tomato and mozzarella casserole with pulled oats G

Meat: Greek style lamb stew M,G Rice M,G,VE

Meat: Seesam and chili rosted pork chops with ginger M,G

Warm side vegetables: Ratatouille M,G,VE

Soup of the day: Beetroot soup with feta cheese L,G

Deli Marchè proteins: Gottage cheese L,G & Herring, baltic herring and potatoes M,G

Deli Marchè Soup: Beef goulash soup M,G Sour cream L,G

Grill: Broileri-vuohenjuustopasta 13,00€, Pulled pork burger 13,00€

Dessert: Oven apples L,G Vanilla sauce L,G


G =  gluten free / gluteeniton            L =  lactose free / laktoositon             

VL =  low lactose / vähälaktoosinen   M = maidoton/no milk

VE=vegaani/ vegan                                                          Ask more about the staff.